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Date of
Update Details - Click on an item to read it
21 Sep
* Notificatiuon of serious fraudulent act against our Club
* Details of Kangaroo Island Getaway added
8 Sep
* September Newsletter added
7 Sep
* November Calendar added
* Details of October Walk added
* Details of Pub Lunch added
* Details of Don't Dress For Dinner added
* Final payment date for Hunter Lights Spectacular added
6 Sep
* Extended closing date for Christmas lunch
21 Aug
* Golf tee off times for Toukley Sept 4
19 Aug
* Change to day 5 itinerary for Garden Getaway
* Details of Cluster barefoot bowls added
* Deposit info re Hunter Lights Spectacular added
14 Aug
* Cancellation of Sausage Sizzle
5 Aug
* Details of An Afternoon at the Proms added
4 Aug
* August Newsletter added
3 Aug
* October Calendar added
* Details of Gosford Art Gallery & Pub Lunch added
* Details of Christmas Lunch added
* Payment List as at Aug 1st for Trivia added
* Payment List as at Aug 1st for Parliament House added
25 Jul
* Photos from July Sizzle added
* Photos from July Meeting added
* Photos from Sydney Opera House Tour added
* Photos from June Lawn Bowls added
* Photos from May Ten Pin added
13 Jul
* Golf tee off times for Everglades on 24 July added
* Guest Speaker details for Septembwer meeting added
8 Jul
* Vacancies for Garden Tour announced
* Pub Lunches announcement
* July newsletter added
* Details Hunter Valley Lights Spectacular getaway added
5 Jul
* Details of August walk added
* Payment details for Opera House toure added
* Payment details for Trivia added
* Contact details for Table of Knowledge convenor added
* Contact details for Women of Wisdom convenors added
* Space now available for Sydney Opera House tour
4 Jul
* Photos from Dangar Island walk added
3 Jul
* September calendar added
25 Jun
* Changed contact details for Theatre
* Tina the Musical cancelled
* Details of 2023 Garden Getaway added
* Photos from June Meeting added
20 Jun
* Details of Cabin & Caravan Getaway 2024 added
10 Jun
* June Newsletter added
* Details of Parliament House tour and High Tea added
* Details of The Perfect Murder added
* August Calendar added
4 Jun
* Cancellation of Australian Walkabout Park visit
25 May
* Announcement on the passing of Warren Lomax
* Details of July walk added
* New contact details for Ten Pin
* Details of Cluster Race Day added
* Details of 9 to 5 the musical added
* Updated payment list for Yulefest added
15 May
* Photos of May Meeting and Anniversary Lunch
* Photos of Kincumba Mountain walk
10 May
* Announcement of the passing of Chris Powell
8 May
* Details of Music of the Night added
* Details of Twist and Shout added
* July Calendar added
* Details of June walk added
* Details of Trivia @ Tigers added
* Preliminary details of Garden Tour added
* Golf @ Gosford tee off times
5 May
* May Newsletter added
25 Apr
* Extra photos added from April Meeting
21 Apr
* Photos from April meeting added
* Photos from HMRI visit added
* Payment List for Anniversary Lunch added
4 Apr
* April Newsletter added
* Details of May walk added
* Updated payment list for Carrington Yulefest
* Details of Sydney Opera House Guided Tour added
3 Apr
* Details of Women of Wisdom meetings added
* June Calendar added
27 Mar
* Strickland Falls walk cancelled
18 Mar
* Golf tee off times for Golf @ Gosford
15 Mar
* Details of Sydney Symphony Orchestra added
* Updated Committee Honour Roll
* Updated Presidents Award recipients
* Photos from March Meeting and AGM added
* Updated Contacts page
13 Mar
* Details of Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park added
12 Mar
* March Newsletter added
11 Mar
* Payment list for Yulefest added
9 Mar
* Details of Anniversary Lunch added
* Updated details of HMRI tour added
* Photos from February Meeting added
* Photos from Breakfast with the Alpacas added
5 Mar
* May Calendar added
* Audited Annual Financial Statements added
* Minutes from 2021/22 AGM added
* Message from Errol re theatre ticketsDetails of April walk added
* Details of April walk added
* Date changes for April and May walks
4 Mar
* Photos from Tasmania Getaway added