Forresters Beach Probus club


Thanks to Keith Saines for organising the feast

 Thanks to June Brennan for the photos and narrative

November 21st, 2023

4 pics

Carolyn Butler

Toni Rutter

Kay Haerland

Steve Mitchell
A great time was had by all of us on Tues 21 Nov
Nice weather for Festive Hats : it was fortunately not windy at Toowoon Bay.
Many had made the effort,so Connie & Richard had a difficult task picking their 4 favourites….
What beauties ! Here they are modelling their creations
Thanks were expressed by Keith & Gay to all their helpers, especially Ian Taylor who knows his onions and Steve Mitchell who knows his recipes - so tempting to try all 4 sweet treats on offer.
Nearly everyone won a prized bottle, or chocolates - fantastic how far the $5 fee can stretch with good buying.
Thanks Gay & Keith for running the Sausage Sizzle so well, all year, no dull moments, the odd joke, delicious barbecue….

June Brennan

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