Forresters Beach Probus club


March 9th, 2021

 Thanks to Lynn Butler for the photos.

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Bard and Vicki
with Inductees Desma Dunn and Sue Canning

Retiring Management Committee members and appointed officers

Bard with Membership Officer Vicki Halverson

Bard & Kay sharing a moment

Secretary Kay Haerland with Bard

Bard with Auditor Phil Little

Bard with incoming President Dick Whitaker

Incoming Management Committee and appointed officers

Presidents Bard and Dick

Gift of appreciation given to Kay from Jan Whitaker

Very Lucky Door Prize Winner,Inductee Desma Dunn
(Photo Kay Haerland)

Dorothy McKay receives Certificate of Appreciation from Bard
(Photo by Kay Haerland

Bard Haerland presents his
President's Award to Dorothy McKay
(Photo by Kay Haerland)

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