Forresters Beach Probus club


December 11th, 2018

 Thanks to Bård Haerland for the photos and captions.

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27 Pics

Christmas Lunch Crowd

Songsters at Christmas

A Happy Table

Another Happy Table

Table 10

Table 13

Table 12

Table 15

Evidence of Enjoyment

Hello Waiters..Where Is The Food?

Smile for the Camera

The Next President Is Watching

The Abbotts

The Quinns

Len & Anne

Coral & Bard

Happy Neighbours

About that budget..

Golf Winners
Brian Hughes (Murray Walsh Trophy winner) and Dee Dimond (Best Female)

Golf Winners with Golf Convenor Lou Bonomi

Ok, OK, I can only carry 2 at a time

At The Christmas Tree

Meeeeerry Christmas

Both Sides of the Holidays
(Thanks to Adolf)

Merry Christmas

Santa comes to Visit

Silent Night - Songsters
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