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Photos from club Events

Events during November 2018

Glebe Walk (23 pics)

Events during October 2018

October Meeting (2 pics)
October Sizzle (4 pics)
Forster Cabin & Caravan Getaway (4 pics)

Events during September 2018

September Meeting (6 pics)
Albion Farm Garden Trip (17 pics)
LillyPilly Loop Walk (2 pics)
Sydney Harbour 7 Islands Cruise (3 pics)

Events during August 2018

August Meeting (3 pics)
Patonga-Pearl Beach walk (5 pics)
August Sizzle (1 pic)

Events during July 2018

Xmas in July lunch (23 pics)
July Meeting (4 pics)
July Sizzle (5 pics)
Rookwood Cemetery Walk (15 pics)
Singapore Garden Getaway (72 pics)

Events during June 2018

June Meeting (5 pics)
5 Lands Walk (1 pic)

Events during May 2018

May Meeting (4 pics)
Presidents Cup Golf (1 pic)
May Sizzle (2 pics)
Darlinghurst Gaol & Sydney Jewish Museum (1 pic)

Events during April 2018

April Meeting (1 pic)
April Sizzle (2 pics)
Moree Getaway (140 pics)

Events during March 2018

March Meeting & AGM (9 pics)
Hawkesbury River & Bar Island (38 pics)
Waverton Coal Loader Walk (30 pics)
Anniversary Dinner (18 pics)

Events during February 2018

February Meeting (3 pics)
Darlinghurst Gaol & Sydney Jewish Museum (26 pics)

Events during December 2017

December Meeting (7 pics)
Christmas Sizzle (18 pics)

Events during November 2017

November Meeting (3 pics)
November Sizzle (1 pic)

Events during October 2017

October Meeting (2 pics)
October Sizzle (1 pic)
Nelson Bay Caravan & Cabin Getaway (36 pics)

Events during September 2017

September Meeting (2 pics)
Macarthur Region Garden Getaway (49 pics)
Strickland Forest Walk (2 pics)
September Sizzle (2 Pics)

Photographs will normally remain on this site for up to six months. If you would like copies of photos from earlier events then contact our webmaster.


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