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Monthly Meetings

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Day and Time
Dress Code
Attendance Requirements & Apologies
Leave of Absence
Leaving Early
Lunch after meeting
Phone Courtesy
Next Meeting Click here for details of the next meeting.
Day and Time DAY: Second Tuesday of each month except January when there will be no meeting.

10.00am (except December when there is usually a later start of 11.00pm as there is no speaker before the Christmas lunch (but please check the calendar in case of changes.) Top of Page

The Entrance Leagues Club "Tigers" (pending Member approval)

3 Bay Village Rd, Bateau Bay

Many of our Probus members have joined the Tigers as social members making it easier to enter the club for the monthly meeting. Click here to view annual memebrship fees.

Non  club members will have to sign in as visitors so please arrive in plenty of time to do this before the meeting.
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Dress Code
Ladies:   smart, casual wear
excluding: jeans, track-pants and joggers.
Men: smart, casual wear of shirts & trousers
excluding: shorts, jeans, track-pants, non-collared shirts and joggers.
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Attendance Requirements
& Apologies
When arriving at a meeting, please make sure your name has been marked off at the attendance registry. Our registrars do not know all members by sight.

Members are expected to attend at least 50% of the monthly meetings each year.

If you cannot attend a meeting please register your apology with the Membership Officer. This is required by Probus Club rules.

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Leave of
In the case of two (2) or more consecutive absences from our monthly meetings, Leave of Absence may be granted by the Management Committee for reason of sickness or on any other reasonable grounds.

Written application must be forwarded to the Membership Officer, setting out good and sufficient reason and the period being applied for.

Where granted, the absence will not be counted as non-attendance.

Click here for the club's postal address.
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As a courtesy to our guest speaker, please don’t leave the meeting until it is officially closed unless it is absolutely necessary.

If it is essential to leave early, please inform the President or the Attendance Registrar. This is for insurance purposes or in case of an emergency.Top of Page
Phone Courtesy Please turn your mobile phone off when at club meetings or put it on silent and quietly leave the meeting to take the call. Show courtesy to others and never talk on your phone during a meeting.Top of Page