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2.05pm Saturday October 24th, 2020

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What's on this month (see Calendar for details)

Monday October 26th - Mudgee Caravan & Cabin Getaway

Always check for last minute changes due to Covid restrictions

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Lunch @ The Lakehouse
November 5th $45 payable by October 21st
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for details

Theatre is Back!
Below are the first two for 2021 (fingers crossed)
Check Specials page for World of Musicals, Come From Away and Hamilton

Frozen the Musical

January 13th 2021 payable by November 6th
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All payments to the Treasurer must include the EFT Code, in this case 305, your name & number of tickets required. As there are concession &  non concession tickets & prices it is essential that you email Errol - to let him know what category of tickets you have ordered/paid for.

Friday April 9th
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All payments to the Treasurer must include the EFT Code, in this case 310, your name & number of tickets required. As there are concession &  non concession tickets & prices it is essential that you email Errol - to let him know what category of tickets you have ordered/paid for

Dubbo Getaway rescheduled to April 2021
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Future General Meetings will continue to be via Zoom until further notice

The Diggers have advised that under current restrictions only 70 persons can be accommodated in the meeting room

Mudgee Caravan & Cabin Getaway
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Message from Christina & Shannon (Westpac Guest Speakers)

Hello Forresters beach Probus Club members
Thank you for inviting us to join your probus meeting today to discuss scam awareness and prevention.

As promised here are some additional support resources that you could use to further your understanding of scam prevention and share with members who were unable to join us today.

We strongly believe in continuous improvement of our sessions and welcome any feedback your members may have, please email feedback to

Available resource Summary

Little Black Book of Scams Publication
Booklet created by the ACCC that contains an overview of scam type, protection tips as and further support information. You can view online with the option to download & print

Scam Watch
Provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams. Report a Scam (report to bank first if you have experienced financial loss)   Sign up for scam alerts

ID Care
IDCARE is Australia and New Zealandís national identity & cyber support service. 
The service is the only one of its type in the world. They help thousands of Australian and New Zealand individuals and organisations reduce the harm they experience from the compromise and misuse of their identity information by providing effective response and mitigation.  Service is provided free of charge The ACSC leads the Australian Governmentís efforts to improve cyber security and its role is to:
Assist in helping make Australia the safest place to connect online;
Monitor cyber threats across the globe;
Provide advice and information about how to protect individuals and businesses online; and
Provide clear and timely advice when there is a cyber security incident to individuals, small to medium business, big business and critical infrastructure operators.
Insight Ė Financial Scams (viewing via SBS on demand) 1hour episode Season 2019 Episode 19 25 June 2019 Australians have reportedly been scammed out of a massive $634 million in 2019 with investment scams and romance scams topping the chart and this is only the tip of the iceberg. This episode demonstrates how Australians have been caught up or impacted by scams.

Click Here for Westpac's Financial Abuse Support Guide
Financial abuse is more common than you would think with thousands of cases occurring across Australia every year. It affects people of all cultural, financial and social backgrounds. Thatís why we are here to help with the tools and information on how to help keep you safe

Keeping in Touch during these trying times
To help members keep in touch now that our meetings and events have been cancelled, we have created our own Facebook page that all members are encouraged to join. Simply search Facebook for Forresters Beach Probus and request to join the group. Bard has made the first post explaining the purpose of the group. The Website will continue to be updated but the Facebook group allows for two way communication during this difficult time.

For those members not on Facebook, you will first need to create a Facebook account. This can be done by visiting with your internet browser and providing a name and either email address or mobile phone number.

EFT Payments

Changes have been made to the process for making an EFT payment to the Club.

All Events will be assigned a 3 character code and this must be used when making an EFT payment to the Club. Members need to enter this code together with their surname in the payment description e.g. 220 Thomas.  EFT Codes will be shown for every Club Event advertised on the website.

Please only pay for one event in a payment or reconciliation becomes very difficult. 

Please DO NOT email Treasurer or Convenor regarding an EFT payment as the Treasurer will notify the Convenor based on the Code entered.

No receipts will be issued by the Club for EFT payments. Your receipt will be your entry on your Bank Statement.

Click Here
for information on Coronavirus for Older Australians

Photo Submissions

Members are reminded to send all photo submissions to both the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster


Probus South Pacific Member Benefits

Just a reminder to members of the special offers available through Probus South Pacific. Click Here for details.
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Meeting Reminders - Please Remember .....

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Photo Submission

Would people submitting photos of Probus events please remember to send them to both of these people:-
Please include a descriptive caption for each photo in your email.

DropBox - As an alternative to emailing, we have set up a "DropBox" that can be used to upload photos to the club. Click here for details on how to use it. This will mean you do not have to attach photos to emails but please advise both of the above people when they are in the DropBox!!
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