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Brian Hughes

Brian & Hilary 2015 Anniversary Dinner
It is with much sadness that members are advised of the passing of Brian Hughes this morning. Brian, and his late wife Hilary, joined our Club in 2005 and Brian was the golfing co-ordinator for many years. After a stroke a few years ago Brian spent a considerable time in hospital and went onto our inactive members list. Recently Brian moved into the Care Appartments at Glengara and, although confined to a wheelchair, enjoyed his Bingo, Friday Night drinks and Singing Group in the Country Club and was looking forward to returning to Probus meetings

He will be sadly missed by his many friends and our condolences go to his family.

Kangaroo Island Getaway
May 17-20 2024 Click H
for details

Cruise from Hawaii 2025
Princess have cancelled this sailing and have reduced the 2025/26 cruising season for Australia. All deposits will be refunded by the booking agent

Probus Polo Shirts

Click Here for details.

EFT Payments

Changes have been made to the process for making an EFT payment to the Club.

All Events will be assigned a 3 character code and this must be used when making an EFT payment to the Club. Members need to enter this code together with their surname in the payment description e.g. 220 Thomas.  EFT Codes will be shown for every Club Event advertised on the website.

Please only pay for one event in a payment or reconciliation becomes very difficult. 

Please DO NOT email Treasurer or Convenor regarding an EFT payment as the Treasurer will notify the Convenor based on the Code entered.

No receipts will be issued by the Club for EFT payments. Your receipt will be your entry on your Bank Statement.

Photo Submissions

Members are reminded to send all photo submissions to both the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster


Probus South Pacific Member Benefits

Just a reminder to members of the special offers available through Probus South Pacific. Click Here for details.
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Meeting Reminders - Please Remember .....

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Photo Submission

Would people submitting photos of Probus events please remember to send them to both of these people:-
Please include a descriptive caption for each photo in your email.

DropBox - As an alternative to emailing, we have set up a "DropBox" that can be used to upload photos to the club. Click here for details on how to use it. This will mean you do not have to attach photos to emails but please advise both of the above people when they are in the DropBox!!
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