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What is Probus? To find out all about Probus, click here to go to the web site of Probus South Pacific Limited and click on "About" in the list of menu items on the left side of the page, or click here to go straight to the "About" page. This site also has a lot of other information you might like to look at.

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Meetings Monthly Meetings, followed by an optional lunch, are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month except January. For more information on meetings please click here.

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Emergency Procedures
Evacuation: From the Arthur Lake Room to the assembly area, The Entrance Leagues Club

1. Evacuation will be declared by Club Management and coordinated by the President, together with the Senior and Junior Vice Presidents of the Forresters Beach Probus Club.
2. Looking at the stage from the entrance to the Arthur Lake Room, take the exit on the wall to the right of the stage.
3. Follow the green arrows as shown and gather in the assembly area marked with the yellow star. Depending on the nature of the emergency the route to the assembly area might be via the solid or dotted arrows.
4. The SVP and JVP will count those present in the assembly area and ensure that this number coincides with those marked as present on the attendance roll. 
5. If there are members unaccounted for the President will be notified immediately.
Outings & Events Bookings can be made at the monthly meetings so please bring your money to the meetings!!

Please click here to read the club's booking and cancellation policy.

Official Functions and activities organised by the Program Coordinators and approved by the Committee are the official Probus events and as such are covered by the Probus Centre South Pacific's insurance policy.

The Committee welcomes suggestion regarding activities to be considered for the program. They can be submitted on the Suggestion Box page or direct to the Events Managers or the Getaways Manager, who will make a recommendation to the Committee taking into account likely interest from members (based on member surveys).
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Who are you?
Where is your
Name Badge?!
Say G'Day!! - Wearing your Probus name badge to all club meetings, outings and social events is the best way to get to know and recognise fellow members. Say hello to someone you haven't met before and make new friends.

If you lose your name badge and/or need a replacement then please contact Membership Officer. There will be a small fee to cover the cost of the replacement badge. Pin on and magnetic badges are available.Top of Page
Photographs Photographs taken at club functions and events may be used in the Newsletter and on the club Web Site and members, by agreeing to be in such pictures, accept this. The photos on our web site are on the Pictures Page and are regularly updated (sometimes within a day or two of the event at which they were taken).
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In recognition of members who have volunteered their time and energy to making our club successful, your Committee has established the Certficate of Appreciation Awards which will be presented to members who have completed their term in office and/or to members and people outside the club who have made a special contribution.
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President's AwardThis is an occasional award to an individual Club member to show our appreciation for their efforts in continuing to make our Club so successful. The award is Forresters Beach Probus specific and is not part of the central Probus recognition system. The inaugural awards were made in April 2010.

Previous President's Award winners are:-

Apr 2010 Pippa Ball Secretary 2006 - 2010
Apr 2010 Frank Bunton Webmaster 2005 - 2016
Jul  2010 Neville Wynn Photographer 2005 - 2015
Mar 2011 Len & Anne Martin Sausage Sizzlers 2009 - 2013
Nov 2011 Graham & Marilyn Nestor Events & Getaways Managers 2008 - 2013
Mar 2013 Greg & Sue Abbott Events Managers
2010 - 2013
Mar 2014 Chris Howe Newsletter Editor 2010 - present
Mar 2015 Ann Jenkins Treasurer 2012 - 2015
Mar2016Adolf MeyerAdolf paints signs to welcome guest speakers and for other events.? - present
Carolyn Fischer
Catering Co-ordinator
2011 - 2019
Bård Haerland
Songsters Musical Director
2007 - 2020
Graham Thomas
2016 - present
Dorothy McKay
2015 - 2018
2020 - 2021
Bev Walsh
Events Manager
2013 - 2015
2020 - 2022
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Photo & News
If you would like to submit items (articles and/or photos) for inclusion in the newsletter or the web site, then you can do so by one of these methods:-
  1. Upload items direct to our DropBox. Click here for directions.
  2. Send them by email to the Newsletter Editor with copies of photos to the Webmaster. Any photo attachments MUST be FEW in number (no more than about 3 per email)
  3. Post them to the club's postal address.
  4. Put them on a disk or a USB flash drive (memory stick) and give them to the Newsletter Editor or Webmaster.
Please always inlcude a descriptive caption for each photo.Top of Page
Club Booking and  Cancellation Policy In brief, refunds of fees paid for various functions and outings cannot be made for any components not recoverable from the venue operator or the transportation company. See the full policy below.

No show without notice, no refund!!

The policy adopted by the club at the monthly meeting in
October 2008 is as follows:-

1. Notice of Activity or Expression of Interest

1.1. The Organisers will post a Notice of Activity or an Expression of Interest form about a proposed activity at the Club monthly meeting three months in advance, unless it is an activity requiring a longer-term booking.

1.2. Members will be able to put their names on this form without payment being required at that time. The response of members on the form will give an indication to the Organisers if there is sufficient interest to proceed with the activity.  
(Elements of items 2 and 3 which apply to a given event will be noted on the booking sheet for that event.)

2. Bookings and payment

2.1. For all bookings, full payment must be made in advance of the event.

2.2. In a case of a substantial amount being involved, payment of an initial deposit on a specified date will be required. Usually, the date for the final payment will be published when the notice is posted. These dates will depend on the terms and conditions of the supplier.

2.3. For all other bookings, full payment must be made by the date specified by the organisers for the activity.      

3. Cancellations

3.1. If a Member cancels their booking before the final payment date, every effort will be made to obtain a refund from the supplier, but this may not always be possible.

3.2. After the final booking date, refunds are not guaranteed. Usually, suppliers demand full payment if cancellations are made after the final payment date.
This can be within 28 days of the activity or at a time specified by the supplier as the final payment date.  In these cases, Club organisers will endeavour to persuade the supplier to waive the charges, but this is not guaranteed and the Member may still be liable to make the full payment.

4. Order of preference

If the number of bookings is limited for a particular activity, Members on the list who do not pay by the due date will be replaced by those on the waiting list who can pay by that date. 

5. Guests

Members will be given priority for all events, but non-members can attend activities as guests of financial members subject to the approval of the Program Managers/COAST Convenors/Management Committee, but each Member may only have a guest at a maximum of two functions each year.
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Email address
privacy policy

Forresters Beach Probus Club certifies that all email addresses provided by members to the club will be kept strictly confidential and will not be released to third parties for commercial purposes or any other purposes without the email address owner's express permission.  However, while we will take all precautions possible, we cannot guarantee that email addresses will not be accessed by hackers intercepting emails that we send to you or that you send to us. In this respect, this is no different to emails exchanged between you and your family & friends.
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Club Postal Address The club's postal address is:

PO Box 3004
NSW   2260Top of Page
The Club's Australian Business Number is 18407032752

To download and view the club's constitution and standing resolutions click on the following links:-

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