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How to Use Google Maps

About Google Maps
Moving around the maps
Changing the scale of the maps
Changing from Street Map to Satellite Image

About Google Maps

All maps on this web site are interactive "Google Maps". Web site readers can manipulate the map to areas beyond that displayed and change the scale of the map. Satellite view instead of street map is also possible on computers but maybe not on mobile devices.

When you click on a map link, you will be taken to a map like this:-

In all the maps, the point of interest will be indicated by a blue marker
If you click on this marker you will see a bit of information about the spot and the option, among other things, for getting directions to go to the spot. To do so, click on "To Here", enter your address (or other point of origin) and click "Go". You will be taken to a new web page with detailed driving directions on the left and a map on the right with the route marked.

Moving around the maps

You can move the map around to show parts that are beyond the visible edges by one of two ways.
  1. When you hold down the left mouse button while the pointer is over the map it should turn into an image of a hand. Keep holding it down and drag the pointer around. The map will move around with the pointer.
  2. In the top left corner are navigation buttons. Left click on the various arrows to move in the direction indicated.
Changing the scale of the map

Click on the + or - buttons in the top left corner to make the scale of the map larger or smaller. Double left click and double right click will do the same thing.

Changing from Street Map to Satellite Image

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, in the top right corner of the maps you can click on the "Sat" button to show you a satellite image of the area. Click on the "Map" button to return to street map view. This option might not be available when using some mobile devices.
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