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Club Committee & Contacts

Postal Address - PO Box 3004 Wamberal NSW 2260

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The Management Committee consists of the ten people listed below under the heading "Management Committee". In addition, the Immediate Past President is included as an ex officio member without voting rights.

Those people listed under the heading "Appointed Officers & Convenors" are appointed annually by the Management Committee to fulfil the various tasks. They do not have voting rights on the Committee of Management.

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President     Newsletter Editor
COAST Bowlers COAST Sizzlers
Snr Vice President Membership Officer *

COAST Songsters
Jun Vice President Getaway Manager COAST Craft COAST Tennis
Past President APPOINTED OFFICERS COAST Cabin/Caravan
COAST Tenpin Bowling
Secretary Welfare Officer COAST Garden Tours
COAST Theatre Parties
Treasurer Webmaster COAST Golfers COAST Walkers 
Events Manager
Asst Webmaster

* Please note that meeting apologies should be sent to the Membership Officer



   Clyde Wyborn Clyde Wyborn
4384 7018
0407 843 410

Senior Vice President

  Lynn Butler

4369 8981

Junior Vice President

    Bard Haerland

0410 333 973

Immediate Past President
(Ex-officio member of the Committee without voting rights)

  Wendy Truman

4388 3134
0419 636 446

Carolyn Butler
  Carolyn Butler
4369 8981


   Colin Pratt
 4340 5980

Events Managers


  Tom & Jan Wallace
4332 4528

Getaway Manager

  Jenny White

4388 4030
Membership Officer
  Vicki Halverson
 Please advise Vicki of any change of
 address, phone, or email.
 Please send meeting apologies to

0403 981 776

4399 3716

Newsletter Editor

Chris Howe

 Chris Howe

4339 5604

Appointed Officers and Convenors

Convenors of Activities

Title and name Contact details
COAST Bowlers
Click here for information

Rawson Ball

4334 6403
COAST Caravan/Cabin Group
Click here for information

Ron & Sue Boundy

4389 3865
Click here for information

Pippa Ball
Allison Maynard

4334 6403

4332 0152
COAST Garden Tours
Click here for information

Ross & Denise Quinn

4332 4870
0408 344 987
COAST Golfers
Click here for information

Lou Bonomi

4393 9309
0411 730 175

COAST Sizzlers
Click here for information

Reg & Coral Fletcher

Peter & Toni Stanley
Steve & Vicki Halverson

4332 1907

COAST Songsters
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Dee Dimond

4384 2323
COAST Tennis
Click here for information

Carolyn & Bob Hornby

4384 2952
COAST Tenpin Bowling
Click here for information

Wendy Truman

4388 3134
0419 636 446
COAST Theatre Parties
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Errol Grace

0400 043 130

COAST Walkers
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Kathy Wyborn

Graham Nestor

4384 7018

4369 4470

Other Appointed Officers

Title and name Contact details
Welfare Officer
Click here for information

Di Blaxell

0417 415 159


Phil Little

Public Officer

Warren Lomax


Graham Thomas
4388 3134
0439 636 445
Assistant Webmaster

Chris Howe
4339 5604

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