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Please contact our Webmaster if you have any queries about these topics

Some of our members have had problems sending emails by clicking on the email links in the contacts page of this web site.

If this happens to you too then please read on.

If you are using Firefox web browser and GMail or Yahoo as you web based mailing system then please click here.

When you click on an email link you might get an error message something like this:-


In particular, this can happen with the Windows 7 and later operating systems (which come WITHOUT an email program!!) and where people are using a web based email system (e.g. Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo) rather than an email program (in which case they may not have installed an email program).

The links on the contacts page are set to operate with an email program and so will not work if you rely solely on a web based email service (unless you are using Firefox and Gmail or Yahoo mail).

The quickest way around the problem is for you to right click on the email address link and select a menu item that will be one of these, depending on which browser program you are using:-

   Copy shortcut            (Internet Explorer)
   Copy email address     (Firefox, Safari and Opera)

Then go to your email compose page (in your web based emailer) and right click in the "To:" field and select "Paste". You should see something like this appear:-   (if using Internet Explorer)             (if using one of the others)

If the first, then delete the "mailto:" part and just leave it like the second one.

Where "position" is shown above, each of the committee and appointed officer's email addresses will have their own prefix before the "" - in this way the same email addresses will apply regardless of who holds the position.

If anyone still has problems after trying the above then please contact our webmaster
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Using Firefox and Gmail or Yahoo

To set up Firefox to use Gmail or Yahoo Mail when email links are clicked, follow these steps:-
  1. In Firefox, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Options".
  2. Click on the "Applications" tab (see image below).
  3. Scroll down to find "mailto" under the "Content Type" header
  4. Click on the down arrow head at the far right of the line and select "Use Goolgemail" or "Use Yahoo mail"
  5. Click "OK" at the bottom of the window.

For Google Mail

Now, when you click on an email link, you should be taken to the Googlemail web site. You may need to log in if you have not previously done so. After log in you should see Googlemail's compose page.

For Yahoo Mail

If you are not already logged in to Yahoo mail then you will be taken to the Yahoo mail login page and then, after log in, to main Yahoo mail page, NOT to the compose page. If this happens, then log in to Yahoo mail and return to the web site's page with the email link and click on ut again. You should then get the Yahoo mail compose page.

Note: this works with later versions of firefox. I do not know about earlier versions.Top of Page